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Our company is engaged with manufacturing of FRP square type cooling towers which are offered at competitive prices. Demanding users of Square Cooling Towers are diesel engine, process coolers, machine and air-conditioning plants.
Benefits of FRP Square Cooling Towers
  • Compact design, corrosion resistant and lightweight
  • Durable service Life
  • Maintenance free
  • Higher efficiency
  • Minimum drift loss of water
  • No contamination, due to dust or foreign particles
  • Piping cost negligible and suitable for small unit
FRP Casting:-
Cooling Tower Casing is made of selected grade materials of tough Fiber Glass Reinforced Polyster and resins etc. An aditional embossing is provided for extra strength of large Cooling Towers.
FRP Basin:-
Basin is completely leak proof which avoids spillage and seepage of water. It is of deep Basin to ensure maximum water level at all times and made of FRP with additional stiffeners to take care of weight of extra water.
Structure & Hardware:-
All components like Cooling Tower structure support, Motor Frame, Leg Support / Support Structure etc are eighter Hot Dip Galvanised or epoxy coated, water distribution system with GI/ PVC Pipe & Polyproplene Nozzles
Polyproplene Nozzles:-
ABR Polypropylene Nozzles of Cooling Towers greatly depends upon the water distribution over the fills ABR Nozzles distribute water evenly through a wide spray angle without any dry pocket. They are lightweight and reduce the frequency of clogging. ABR also manufactures the commonly used flower type nozzles for Cross flow Cooling Towers and whirl spray type nozzles for Counter flow Cooling Towers with ½ “ , ¾ “ & 1” threads.
PVC Honeycomb Fills:-
PVC Honeycomb type fills having extended contact area.  Splits incoming air and water into several streams spread evenly across the water cross section increasing heat transfer rate easy to replace.
Square Cooling Tower
Square Cooling Towers
Square Cooling Tower
Frp Rectangular Shape
Square Cooling Towers
Square Cooling Tower

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